Mercedes S-Class v BMW 7 Series v Audi A8 review - which is best?

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How’s THIS for an ultra-luxurious group test? Mercedes S-Class vs Audi A8 vs BMW 7 Series!
If you’re in the market for a high-end, luxurious saloon, you’re unlikely to find anything better than these three options. The question is, when they all come in with a relatively similar starting price, how can you be sure which one is the best?
Well have no fear - Mat is here! He’s going to put them through their paces to find out which one is right for you. From the exterior design through to interior tech and driving capabilities, Mat’s going to run you through the key features of these luxurious saloons to find out which is the must-have in 2021!
The only question left is - which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!
00:00 Intro
00:33 Price
01:53 Exterior Design
04:39 Interior
09:17 Back Seats
13:16 Boot
14:15 Driving - Mercedes
17:08 Driving - Audi
18:51 Driving - BMW
20:48 Verdict
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carwow Pred 19 dnevi
So... Which is your favourite? VOTE BELOW!
SVG & COMPANY Pred dnevom
Mercedes Benz S Class
Lalit Aryatilake
Lalit Aryatilake Pred dnevom
Mercedes S-Class
Stoian Dimitrov
Stoian Dimitrov Pred 2 dnevi
In the world have two brands Mercedes-Benz and others !
Min Arkar channel
Min Arkar channel Pred 3 dnevi
Audi s8
Saurab Saran
Saurab Saran Pred 13 dnevi
Maybe should’ve full speced even the Audi with the best seats and tech 🙄
ZonE Pred uro
2014 Honda Accord EX-L V6, that's what I want.
Just me and myself
Just me and myself Pred 4 urami
Audi for sure!
michael lilienfeld
michael lilienfeld Pred 7 urami
Buy bitcoin
Gamer India
Gamer India Pred 7 urami
BMW nailed the exterior
Ziyaurrahman Qureshi
Ziyaurrahman Qureshi Pred 10 urami
You should have compared the headlights as well!!
Hugo Silva
Hugo Silva Pred 11 urami
Battle of the grills
Weekly MEET
Weekly MEET Pred 11 urami
Who ever designed and signed off on that S class need to be fired. Looks like Audi fired their designer years ago. Still hasn't changed
Aftab Sheikh
Aftab Sheikh Pred 15 urami
You are a Mercedes lover 😂
Phillip Taljaard
Phillip Taljaard Pred 18 urami
BMW air vents are plastic, where Mercedes is metal?🧐
Jeffry S
Jeffry S Pred 18 urami
I Fee like BMW’s interior has been the same for ages.
Miguel Subrumuny
Miguel Subrumuny Pred 21 uro
It would be better if you used the same levels of comparison. You had a BMW that was basically full house, an audi that was a sports version and then used the most basic s class 😭
Gary Lee
Gary Lee Pred dnevom
Totally agree with you EXCEPT for the look of the S-class, in my opinion, it’s the worst of the 3!!
Papa Legba
Papa Legba Pred dnevom
Merc ftw
Mzee Pred dnevom
Zee German automobile
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred dnevom
Harshith Dunna
Harshith Dunna Pred dnevom
They all look similar now
عز Pred dnevom
S class like A class
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred dnevom
Michal Aniol
Michal Aniol Pred dnevom
I like German accent mate :)
Aziz Turgunov
Aziz Turgunov Pred dnevom
you separated my car from BMW brands! I'm sad 😔😔😔
Alieneye90 90
Alieneye90 90 Pred dnevom
Only Benz ❤️
Phil Nox
Phil Nox Pred dnevom
Tell me about all the faults with cars all made of plastic what car can you buy with out faults the more you pay for these the more you loose when they are 5 or6 years old they are not worth a kick up the back side so tell me what car can you buy with out faults
Dave Singhania
Dave Singhania Pred dnevom
Bmw front grill keeps on getting bigger and bigger 😋
savaş yasakçı
savaş yasakçı Pred dnevom
RT45 Pred dnevom
My score Exterior: Mercedes 6/10 Audi 100/10 BMW 8/10 Interior: Mercedes 15/10 Audi 8/10 BMW 3/10 Driving Experience: Mercedes 8/10 Audi 9/10 BMW 6/10 I am waiting for the new Audi A8 with better interior and newer technology cuz this is 3 years older than S Class. But if the new A8 disappoints me, as an Audi fan, I need to throw away my faith for several years...
Kathy12Ray Pred dnevom
His German persona is effeminate....🤣
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer Pred dnevom
Which ones the most reliable, dependable, and last for 30+ years without aging?
ajisenergy Pred dnevom
I don’t have to watch this whole video to know the Benz is the winner! Great video as always💪🏾✨
sahir khan
sahir khan Pred dnevom
Once upon a time BMW was favourite car then they change there exterior design and ......
Mazakan TC
Mazakan TC Pred 2 dnevi
no one ever wonders who is first, always mercedes S, then BMW7, and audi is no where near these two... nothing remotely close..
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 2 dnevi
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Louis Price
Louis Price Pred 2 dnevi
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
Wisdom Welfear
Wisdom Welfear Pred 2 dnevi
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Ric Hard
Ric Hard Pred 2 dnevi
Dav Ido
Dav Ido Pred 2 dnevi
@Ric Hard + • 1 • 2 • 0 • 2 • 6 • 0 • 1 • 5 • 7 • 0 • 3
Ric Hard
Ric Hard Pred 2 dnevi
I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Ryley Bauer?
Emilia Jonathan
Emilia Jonathan Pred 2 dnevi
Seen a lot of story about him, he must be honest and for people to talk this good about him
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic Pred 2 dnevi
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 2 dnevi
Matt's German is shit🤣🤣
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic Pred 2 dnevi
Velin Stefanov
Velin Stefanov Pred 2 dnevi
All are shit
Remus Cozma
Remus Cozma Pred 2 dnevi
Mercedes Nr 1!!!
Stoian Dimitrov
Stoian Dimitrov Pred 2 dnevi
There are two brands in the world Mercedes-Benz and others !
Norberto Pace
Norberto Pace Pred 2 dnevi
why bmw 745 and no't the 760Li?
Young Nasty
Young Nasty Pred 2 dnevi
Audi is a muscle luxury, Mercedes is a technology lux. BMW Flows on the road a Lil better
Young Nasty
Young Nasty Pred 2 dnevi
The Audi is my favorite
Aka Khabis
Aka Khabis Pred 2 dnevi
neca5292 Pred 2 dnevi
Mercedes has the ugliest interior! Why do they copy Tesla with one giant tablet? I just don't understand people who are so fascinated with it. The S class lost it's luxury appeal and is becoming tech car. It is not setting trends anymore, now it follows them. And thats a shame for Mercedes....
Darth Azua
Darth Azua Pred 2 dnevi
Mat, you're the man. The reason why I love this channel. 👍👍
Faraz Ali
Faraz Ali Pred 2 dnevi
Rolls Roys is mother of these 3 cars..
Emmi Pred 2 dnevi
0:00-0:01 sounds dutch
Faraz Ali
Faraz Ali Pred 2 dnevi
AUDI is love ,,,,best in price and Quality
roku Pred 2 dnevi
Mercedes wins by far. What luxury! But Audi seems to be much better than the bmw
Irfan Pc
Irfan Pc Pred 2 dnevi
Matt's German is shit🤣🤣
Reiner Zufall
Reiner Zufall Pred 2 dnevi
Eric P
Eric P Pred 2 dnevi
Always lease luxury cars, never buy them.
Dr_Salt Pred 2 dnevi
Those tablet dashboards are fucking terrible. Looks so cheap.
Sydney Daramy
Sydney Daramy Pred 3 dnevi
It was beautiful 🧊
Murad İbrahimli
Murad İbrahimli Pred 3 dnevi
1 s Classic 2 BMW 7 3 Audi
Magnus Liberås
Magnus Liberås Pred 3 dnevi
I choose the Tesla model S and not those Thick-TV fossil tractors that has no future
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 3 dnevi
I love lexus ls..😎
Cursed Pred 3 dnevi
Mercedes has the best exterior, the BMW has the best interior and the Audi is the best overall.
Imran Jafry
Imran Jafry Pred 3 dnevi
This stupid youtube vlogger has taken good amount of money from Mercedes that's why he is giving his personal opinions instead of comparing it all and let the public decide
Prince Khan
Prince Khan Pred 3 dnevi
wonderfull guiding..u r amazing..!
Prince Khan
Prince Khan Pred 3 dnevi
wonderfull speech full of fun..and be honest the mercidies is best..!
Valentin Gh
Valentin Gh Pred 3 dnevi
S class
Simon B
Simon B Pred 3 dnevi
bmw looks ugly now... so blocky. did they change designer or something?
Prashant Saraswat
Prashant Saraswat Pred 3 dnevi
Charles Jimmy
Charles Jimmy Pred 3 dnevi
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Richel Jasper
Richel Jasper Pred 3 dnevi
@Michelle Prince I am pretty aware that losing on trade can be as a result of trading with little or no experience at all, and I have learnt a lot about Rico James skills, Who Can connect me to him🙏
Richel Jasper
Richel Jasper Pred 3 dnevi
@Michelle Prince a lot of people just like myself are scared of losing money in other market just like how I lost in FXR Gold 🚀 Silver 🚀 Crypto 🚀
Michelle Prince
Michelle Prince Pred 3 dnevi
I used to lose a lot trading stock due to lack of experience but that was until I met Mr Rico James at a conference he's been back in 2018 he help me open up and manage multiple crypto trees which help me recovered all my loss in the market
Michelle Prince
Michelle Prince Pred 3 dnevi
Wow I also trade with Expert Rico James he is really good at what he does.
Rexxie Louis
Rexxie Louis Pred 3 dnevi
I personally think crypto is a very good investment
Riyaz bains
Riyaz bains Pred 3 dnevi
Despite the economic crisis it's still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto.
quzidox Pred dnevom
@Spider-manana It's all bots conversing, trying to make it look like actual people. Hard to believe anyone falls for this but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Spider-manana Pred 2 dnevi
Is no one else reading this BS?
Angela Augusta
Angela Augusta Pred 3 dnevi
Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing i invested so low with fear😓😩
Austin Raymond
Austin Raymond Pred 3 dnevi
I met Mr Rico last year for the first time at a conference in Manchester, I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £143,670
Drick James
Drick James Pred 3 dnevi
I've got 12th winnings thanks to Mr Rico, he's really the best, I've made £16,400 in 18days working with him
AMStorm Pred 3 dnevi
all 3 cars could have 1/2 of the grills and still look badass
himmelblau Pred 3 dnevi
The front grilles are getting bigger and bigger. To please the Chinese.
Matt Evers
Matt Evers Pred 3 dnevi
BMW Series 7 Kidney grilles M4 good
Felix Kommey
Felix Kommey Pred 3 dnevi
S class is crap am outa here🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erik Kroos
Erik Kroos Pred 3 dnevi
You gotta make a whole Video with this accent
Min Arkar channel
Min Arkar channel Pred 3 dnevi
I love lexus ls..😎
Kamerton Audiophile player
Kamerton Audiophile player Pred 4 dnevi
I vote for S class.
itwasntme Pred 4 dnevi
7 all the way
Saeed Ibrahim Rifat
Saeed Ibrahim Rifat Pred 4 dnevi
Sounded a bit like that project nightafall guy, hmm. We want more of that.
Pouya82 Pred 4 dnevi
I love the BMW ❤️
WdR_Misho Pred 4 dnevi
My man is driving a bmw hybrid and says it is not az sharp as petrol cars. OF COURSE PETROL IS THE MOST FUN DUUUH
l2etranger Pred 4 dnevi
The bumps are to keep riders and drivers anchored to reality. As always, very entertaining. I hope those in the market will see clearer what they are looking for. Btw, it is a great video.
Awakened Black Heterosexual
Awakened Black Heterosexual Pred 4 dnevi
An executive A8L would have been a fairer comparison to the Mercedes S Class.
TheAkreptimi Pred 4 dnevi
Just buy all 3 of them why not ?
Conrad King
Conrad King Pred 4 dnevi
7 series for me thanks. All that tech in the merc will just be a collection of faults in a few years
axzipa Pred 4 dnevi
That was waaay to technical of an explanation.. lol
Amit Limbu
Amit Limbu Pred 4 dnevi
Small bumps always do confuse
Philips Thathemkulam
Philips Thathemkulam Pred 5 dnevi
A8 is special
kleas elezi
kleas elezi Pred 5 dnevi
9:12 new audi with "check engine" lamp... shame
RISING A BEAST Pred 5 dnevi
Great engeenering Germany 🇩🇪
Hyemin Ju
Hyemin Ju Pred 5 dnevi
Why I’m watching this when I know I can’t even afford one wheel idk 😭
Maciej Bigoś
Maciej Bigoś Pred 5 dnevi
Mercedes really lost it... Beautiful cars outside, full of tablets inside. S8/750i are much better in my opinion.
Y K Pred 5 dnevi
Haha the Michael Jordan clip for the fake exhausts lol 😆
Mirsaid Khabibullaev
Mirsaid Khabibullaev Pred 5 dnevi
The video was rubbish, so I shared it with all my friends :))
Pakistan Car Lovers
Pakistan Car Lovers Pred 5 dnevi
Tanmay Goyal
Tanmay Goyal Pred 5 dnevi
Pero Peric
Pero Peric Pred 5 dnevi
S clasa best
dr fawad
dr fawad Pred 5 dnevi
I thnk audi is better
George Zaharia
George Zaharia Pred 5 dnevi
13:38 ... just 1 person in a trunk? but what are you doing when u need 2 people to be fit inside the trunk? chop them up?
jakub seliga
jakub seliga Pred 5 dnevi
The front at all looks awful, as if they had allergic reaction to a bee sting, each in her own way
riseofgamer Pred 5 dnevi
not very luxury in using an old 2014 8 inch samsung tablet as your "control"
Where can I buy it?
霹雳胖虎 Pred 5 dnevi
7 series is the king!!!
Viraj Butale
Viraj Butale Pred 5 dnevi
Only & Only... 💲-Class👄
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Pred 5 dnevi
watch a guy shit on bmw for 21 minutes straight :)
Samuel Simoneaux
Samuel Simoneaux Pred 5 dnevi
Mercedes all the way.
SHIB Cadet
SHIB Cadet Pred 6 dnevi
S class.
Techmania marko stojanovic
Techmania marko stojanovic Pred 6 dnevi
if i don't look at the took Mercedes.if I look at the price I'm taking bmw
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